LIT is a school which offers italian classes to foreigners, specializing in online teaching and teacher training for online teaching.

LIT is a virtual meeting place to study and promote sharing experiences around the common theme of the Italian language. 

We are based in Rome, in Italy, but we teach and share Italian language and culture throughout the world. We believe in the power of the web to reach everyone, and we empower our teachers to use their computers and web tools to their maximum capacity.

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Francesca Romana Patrizi

Ciao! I’m Francesca, founder and director at LIT School, and I’ve been teaching Italian as a foreign language for around 20 years.

After graduating in Foreign Languages and Literature, I moved to Japan, to teach Italian. There I discovered my passion for this job and I decided that I would continue to teach in Italy.

I completed a training course for teaching Italian as a foreign language at the DiLit International House, and I got the DITALS II Certificate at the Università per Stranieri di Siena. I continued studying and training, and for 15 years I worked as a teacher, coordinator and Director of Studies.

LIT  School is the product of my many years of experience!


Maria Cozza

Ciao, I am Maria, co-founder of LIT School.

I am a Business Development Manager, I have a degree in Business Administration and I worked in the past for small and large companies in different fields.

Language courses, translations and communications are where my strong points really shine through. I have gained this certainty through the challenges I had the chance to take up and thanks to the passion I have for sharing knowledge and experiences.

LIT School is where I can express myself both personally and professionally, contributing to spreading Italian language and culture, helping students and teachers grow and promoting an engaging and stimulating environment.

I am a mentor, supporting other professionals in building their career path, and I write a newsletter, where I talk about anything but work. 


Francesca Paulis

Ciao! My name is Francesca, I was born and raised in beautiful Sardinia but since 2015 Milan has become my second home.

Teaching has always been one of my greatest passions and so, after graduating in philosophy, I decided to make it a job. Later, driven by the desire to share the richness of my language and culture, I specialized in teaching Italian to foreigners. 

To date, I am one of the teachers at LIT School and I teach online to students from all over the world. It is an extraordinary opportunity because through the eyes and stories of my students I can travel to every corner of the world every day.

My passions are cooking and music. That's why, if you don't know where I am, I can assure you that you can find me with my hands covered in flour or at a concert of my favorite singers!


Corinna Aceto

Ciao! I am Corinna, teacher at LIT School.

I became an Italian language teacher, after a few revolutions and a long time in communications and business consulting. The journey that brought me here has been unconventional but my background is rich and, I can now say, well worth it.

With a degree in Multimedia Communication, I was a copywriter, press officer, and then marketing and sales consultant. A few years ago, I chose to put words at the center of my work. I got a master's degree in Technical Translation and attended training courses to teach Italian language online.

Now I offer language services and help students learn Italian. During classes I enjoy lexical activities the most. When I don't teach, I gladly put on my hiking shoes, have my backpack always ready to go and a good book always on my nightstand!


Teresa Lamanna

Ciao! I'm Teresa, I teach Italian to foreigners. I have a degree in Modern Foreign Languages and a master's degree in Translation. For many years I worked as an event planner and in a tour operator.

I have attended LIT School's training courses and workshops to teach Italian to foreigners and so my collaboration with the school began. Currently, I also teach Plida preparation courses.

I have attended the "Refugees and Migrants" training course at La Sapienza University and have participated as a volunteer in the initiatives of various organizations in the field. I would like to have an active role in helping women who need to integrate into a healthy social and work environment.

I am curious and I like meeting people from different countries. My work makes me feel like I am always traveling, even when I am sitting at my desk. This is not just a job, but a real passion!



Michele D'Eboli

I introduce myself: my name is Michele and I am a tour guide in Rome.
I have a degree in Art history, I wrote a thesis on the perception of art for blind people and it is 14 years that I lead tactile tours for blind people for a voluntary association.
It is more that 10 years that I work in touristic field and I love telling stories about my beloved city, Rome, where I chose to live.
I love travelling and meeting stories of people living in the places I visit. I practice Ashtanga Yoga, free diving, I am a 5rithms dancer and I enjoy meditation. I love cooking and I am interested in conscious eating. I am a gentle vegan.
I am passionate about communicating with people.
Here at LIT I organize virtual tours about art and about what I meet and love in Rome and outside Rome. I am also on Instagram and on Facebook.